Our 3+1 EP Series is the primary vehicle we'll be using to introduce newly recorded songs. When it comes to releasing songs, we'll be pushing 2 pedals: new songs + legacy songs.

In the Canadian Vineyard context, we have a rich worship songwriting history as evidenced by songs that have impacted the Church worldwide such as Refiner's Fire, Faithful One, Arms Of Love and countless others. Literally hundreds of our songs have been written and recorded for the blessing and benefit of worshipers everywhere. And we're not letting up! We will continue to encourage songwriting because there aren't enough words we could write to adequately express our love and adoration to Jesus - our King, Redeemer and Friend.

The format we'll follow is pretty simple: 3 new songs + 1 legacy song. We will encourage our writers to continue to find fresh language to express our worship. At the same time, we feel it's important to honour our heritage and expose our "classic hymns." For some, these older songs will be a reminder of God's faithfulness over many years. For others, these songs will actually be new songs! Either way, classic or new, our hope is that the songs draw you into the intimate presence of our King and Father.

So when you see the 3+1 icon, you'll know this is our way of introducing our songs to you!